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Cool Your WHOLE House for FREE

...without air-con Did You Know: You may not need to use an air-conditioner


...without electricity Did You Know: Twista Roof Ventilators work by heat & light breeze

...without solar power Did You Know: Solar power does not work at night or on cloudy days

Australian Made

Commercial Grade Roof Ventilators

Free heat removal NOW!

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Free heat removal NOW!

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  • hot air
  • moist air
  • bad air
  • toxic fumes

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hot and cool house with hot and cool roof

97% Bigger
Than 300mm

Twista Roof Ventilators are the ideal solution for keeping your home cool in summer for free. Because they don't require power to operate they are environmentally friendly and silent - the only thing you'll notice is that you have a comfortable, healthy home.

size comparison of cheap whirlybird vents

GRANDE 420mm
Grande roof vent

  • Used for:
  • Heat
  • Mildew
  • Humidity
  • Damp Air
  • Condensation

Roof vents in different colours

Don't wait until it's too hot...
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Roof vents on different roof sizes

Industrial Factory Vents 680mm

Factories, Warehouse, Restaurants,
Government Buildings,
Schools, TAFE

PRESS PLAY to see roof vents working large industrial white roof vents

Recommended 1-VENT per 25m2

Multiply length by width to get the square metres... then divide the total square metres by 25 and this gives you the Vents Neede

100m2 = 4x TWISTA 420mm
150m2 = 6x TWISTA 420mm
200m2 = 8x TWISTA 420mm
250m2 = 10x TWISTA 420mm
300m2 = 12x TWISTA 420mm
350m2 = 14x TWISTA 420mm
400m2 = 16x TWISTA 420mm
450m2 = 18x TWISTA 420mm

The average home requires 4 vents for Optimum Results while larger homes require more vents to reach Maximum Performance ...see chart above!

...why put up with hot air and air-con when you can suck out hot air for free with a Twista Roof Cooler NOW!

the environmentally friendly way... twista logo Australia map

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Free heat removal NOW!

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​FREE INSTALLATION* - *Conditions may apply to installations in your area, call for information. If an installation cannot be carried out in your area for any reason, you may have the product delivered* and do a search through your local newspaper or Google for a local builder, carpenter or roof plumber to help you out with your installation.

EXTRAS* - Additional fees apply to some travel zones/poa, brittle-tiles, flat-tiles, swiss-tiles, steep-roofs, removal-disposal, metal-roofs, moving & rearranging unforeseen objects, timbers and obstacles. You’ll also need to tell us if you have a TILE or a METAL roof and the colour so we can advise you correctly.

ILLUSTRATIONS* - Diagrams & Pictures for illustration only.

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